Make your own website!

Lots of ppl wanted to make their own website so this page is to help them.
I will be adding more stuff to this soon!

All you have to do is make a account at
When you make your account select make me a blog. (Or something similar to that)
Then next time you log into your wordpress account on the wordpress homepage thingy, at the side it will have your username, e.g : XxYellowXx . And underneath it it should have your blog, E.g: XxYellowXx Blog. Click on it and then you get to your blogs dashboard. This tells you if you have comments, how many hits on your blog and that stuff. At the side it will have dashboard , upgrades, posts, media, links,pages,comments,ratings, (etc…)

To make a page or post, just click page or post which is at the side.
Click Add New. To add a picture to your post or page, click the square (looks like photoframe) which is next to upload/insert. To add a video, click the video picture (which is next to the photoframe) if you want music click they music thingy , if you want media click the media thingy and if you want polls click the circle right at the end.

Click appearance (its on the side) It should come up with: Widgets,custom header…(etc…)
Scroll down and theres some website layouts. Pick one of them of your choice and your website will have that layout.

Click widgets, and it will come up with some “avalible widgets”
Drag the “TEXT” widget to the side in the grey bit. There you can copy and paste a link of a widget in it. Here’s one to get you started….
<a href=””><img src=””></a>
Copy and paste that above into the “TEXT” box.

To get your blogroll add the “LINKS” Widget into the grey bit and click save.
Then on the left hand side of your laptop there will be dashboard, upgrades, (etc…)
Click Links. Then Click “ADD NEW” Put in the name of the link you want to put in.
Then type in the “WEB ADRESS” Of the website you want to add to your blogroll.
Then click “ADD LINK”.

To take a photo of club penguin, you need to press PRTSC (its near F12) on you keyboard.
Nothing will happen.Then you need to go onto start, then programs, then accsessories, then click paint.
After that  you need to click edit (which is at the top) and then paste. Your picture will be on the screen.

Then you need to click the thingy, which is in circled in red below. make a square around the part of the picture you want, then right click on the picture you copied.


Then load paint again, and paste it on paint again. the square of the picture you copied is pasted.
Then all you need to do is click file, then save as, then You need to save the “save as type” as a JPEG. (not bitmap)
Then click save.

random a

Your picture will be saved into your documents or pictures file. (whatever you chose to put it in.)
Then just click the picture thingy on your page and post and post the picture!!!!

More coming soon….


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  3. imogen says:

    why should it cost

  4. sinoo1212 says:

    I have only one question… do u get images on on ur website with very big description?

  5. nikitahong says:

    Hey i cant makew a club penguin cheat websit could you help me

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  12. Karine says:

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  13. um i dont know how to get a pic it hard i dont get how to how to get it

    i sucks

  14. brak2076 says:

    making a website with wordpress is easy

  15. brak2076 says:

    making a website with wordpress is easy here is my web right here


  16. unitb says:

    who wants club penguin on there website easy make a website? like i have done on mine ?

  17. majorcp says:

    which grey bit for the wiget?

  18. Andrew Sines says:

    omg i gust made my own website

  19. amna says:

    we have to pay!! it dosnt seem so fun then

  20. Eminem9867 says:

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  21. troy11450 says:

    hey i made a site check it out!

  22. cpcheats says:

    go to for club penguin cheats.

  23. xellazella says:

    how do you even make your own background?

  24. :c im only a 8 years old kid but.,idk how to do this!

  25. Rockhopper says:

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    Love Rockhopper

  26. Rockhopper says:

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  28. i dnt like reading but i guess i have to to have a website like club penguin

  29. this is my website like clubpenguin all you can do is chat its like facebook ok but you can not play games

  30. this website is just like clubpenguin it is awsome

  31. how do you make a club penguin website
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    from finley

  32. Coolpatriot says:

    No use come on I did it but LOL where the hck is EDIT I pressed PRTSC wich is under END then I went to start then Accesrories then Paint IDK where the EDIT Thing is!!!! Can you explain this in 123 this is not 123 its like 123_4 mmhmm I need help!!!!!!!!!!

  33. lucyanna8 says:

    where is the bottun to take a picture of club penguin i can’t see it

  34. Grace says:

    hi I have a Apple computer no windows or dell or picture maker or photo Story so, it would be helpful for a video.

  35. grace says:

    um Where is the PRTSC? I can’t find it!!!

  36. cpchrisdog93 says:

    How do you get like trackers and like pictures????????? Do you have to pay?
    Chelsey’s Edit: No you don’t have to pay for trackers! Just go to I hope this helps! ♥

  37. legoboy31 says:

    I dont know how to make a Club Penguin web on WordPress its hard, The background and things are so hard. How do they expect us to make a Website? GO over to the computer and type in wordpress and sit there. No NO thats just not good. It’s no good. I can do good on WordPress no I can’t do good with that. How do you do CP backgrounds and make your own Club Penguin Banner.

  38. Melody says:

    Hello, I like the imformation but I can’t find PRTSC. Do you have to buy a specific keyboard to get it? Because I looked ALL around it and still can’t find it! Plus, you have to wait 30 minuites to activate it!

  39. SHEA512 says:

    at the ice breag or giftshop or epf HQ my name on it SHEA512

  40. SHEA512 says:

    i will be on sluchy at 5 past 6

  41. Teganellie xx says:

    Hi… How do i make a website thats: Not for a buisenness and for free?

  42. Lovlygirl says:

    I love club penguin its so fun.The puffles are so cute i like the pink one the best she is so cute dont you think.:) O-0

  43. Lovlygirl says:

    Hey i like wish i had a real toy code never used but everybody uses them so whats the point of getting the code even if you know on club penguin its going to say Sorry but this code has already been used. WHATS THE POINT!!!!!!

  44. axel heck says:

    how do you make a website like club penguin?

  45. axel heck says:

    how do you make a website like clubpenguin

  46. Camaryn says:

    How do u do the picture thingy to go on the side and how do u make a symbol for my website?

    • xXx Wink xXx says:

      Make an account for wordpress.
      Go to edit my profile.
      On the far right there will be a Mystery Man or a WordPress sign.
      Click change Gravatar…
      Upload a picture.
      And… BOOM! Its changed. Don’t be worried if at first the picture isn’t changed… It takes a couple minutes to show up.

  47. Camaryn says:

    How do u do the picture thingy to go on the side?

  48. ama4510 says:

    heyy can i copy like the top were it says about_____. ?

  49. rockdiva245 says:

    how do u get the views thing up? I’m trying to do that, BUT IT’S NO USE!!

  50. luke says:

    Heyy… ty for the help on how to make a website.. but i was wondering how do you add the thing on your side bar that says who is veiwing right now… plz tell me step by step on how to add it. I also need help on how to add a tracker to my website. Luke 🙂

  51. ninja77411 says:

    i want a website it is to nice

  52. joeyjacson5 says:

    i hope penguings enjoy my website

  53. joeyjacson5 says:

    the best website i ever been on

  54. Disney175 says:

    I really need to know how to make a CP cheat web. I want to try make one, except it ain’t good.
    Wink’s edit: I could help you! Making a website is usually hard to explain (but Alex does well. ^_^) and if the “Make your own Website” doesn’t help you, just E-Mail your password to me. I’ll add my account to your website and you could even use some of my cheats from CP4Real. Heres my E-Mail: 🙂 Yw!

  55. Oh im sorry but i didnt copy i read it and wrote it myself and added a few extra words in !
    So in that matter of fact i didnt copy anything off your site i wrote it and added a few extra words in ! So i didnt copy and paste for that matter of fact so stop haveing a go at me im inocent !

  56. Well Shut my website down all you like because i didnt copy you i found picks on the internet and put something altogether (after i read your blog) and mine turned out like yours a tiny bit !
    i got things on there though you dont have on your site i just took a few idears to help me get started but evreyone dose that !
    So you CANNOT i repeat as many times as you like CANNOT shut my site down ! Im to incontrol of it so you will always lose mwah ha ha ha ha !


  58. go on :
    please there will be more updateing and if you manage to make a website yourslef then listen up ! : i will be makeing an advertiseing page so you can all advertise your sites and tell people whats new and whats on now and all that !
    please put this message up because it will help so much thank you for all your help and time !

  59. goth says:

    oh and just coz my sites out now dont mean to stop useing this one so still use this site i would just like ppl to use mine aswell thx bye !

  60. goth says:

    Wow this site looks like millions of people read it !
    i came on this site it helped me to make my own so i would just like to quickly advertise my site on here because i looked at all the other sites and this one was the best (no affence) !

  61. klaeb3 says:

    I dont get so im not making one. srry =(

  62. Klaz1102 says:

    Hi, I’m Klaz1102. And I started making a blog. A ‘Blogspot’ blog. But, I’m not sure how to upload + make a theme..?? Like, at the top, you know there’s a picture of your penguin? How did you do that? PLEASE REPLY!!


  63. shayla0723 says:

    sooooo confusing……..

  64. dean says:

    I whant to meet sensi and get in the ninja hideout

  65. dean says:

    I whant to meet sensi

  66. Brendan says:


  67. hannahbear007 says:

    Hi. well uhh…..i was looking at ur site and i saw that u wrote to not copy any photos,widgets, etc…. when i was reading that i was like “o ok that sounds reasonable” but then i looked below it and i laughed my butt off. u guys should reaaallllyyyyy think about what u write on your site before you go ahead and put widgets up that arent even urs!

  68. Hey guiis I need some help. How do you make a tracker? Cuz like I wanna add a couple pin trackers and some to track down the famous pplz.

  69. tackytv says:

    How do I make a picture for my account? Like have this pattern over here —
    Become my penguin? I have a Team. Plz join it. Thanks

  70. noname65 says:

    ive started making a blog and its starting to get cool

  71. mimo777 says:

    I want to make a new website but when I was on paint I could not find the

    edit tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    signed mimo777

  72. georginarogers953 says:

    help help HELP i want to make one plz

  73. jayster159 says:

    i dont see where it says add new i wanna post something and when i write my website my website aint there help me please reply as soon as possible

    • oĸαy υp αт тнe тop ^^ тнere ιѕ α ѕιlver вαr. preѕѕ dαѕнвoαrdѕ, тнeɴ yoυr вloɢ.тнeɴ yoυ ѕнoυld вe αвle тo ѕee coммeɴтѕ, αɴd yoυr ѕтαтѕ. oɴ тнe тop rιɢнт, yoυ ѕнoυld ѕee “ɴew poѕт” wιтн αɴd αrrow. ιғ yoυ clιcĸ тнe αrrow yoυ cαɴ ѕelecт drαғтѕ, ɴew pαɢe, υploαd, or coммeɴтѕ. вυт rιɢнт ɴow αll yoυ ɴeed тo do ιѕ preѕѕ “ɴew poѕт,”. тнeɴ тype yoυr тιтle, αɴd yoυr pαrαɢrαpн/ѕтory, αɴd wнeɴ yoυ αre doɴe, looĸ тo тнe rιɢнт αɴd preѕѕ “pυвlιѕн”.
      ι нope тнιѕ нelped!

  74. shayla0723 says:

    I really wanted to make a web………… looks way to complicated though. I think Ill stick to blogs lol

  75. titemo says:

    AWSOME thx alot!

  76. shayne619 says:

    I got sooo confused!! I want to make one so bad but thats not gonna happen:( “sniff”

  77. rockdiva245 says:

    explain again or explain

  78. rockdiva245 says:

    i cant put things on the side! NEXT I’LL HAVE NO SPACE IN THE MIDDLE.

  79. jojo3225 says:

    I cant log back in. Plz help me

    • ωєℓℓ уσυ ѕнσυℓ∂ тяу ρяєѕѕιηg “ℓσѕт уσυя ραѕѕωσя∂؟” αη∂ тнєу ωιℓℓ ѕєη∂ уσυ αη є-мαιℓ ωιтн уσυя ραѕѕωσя∂ ιη ιт.
      gσσ∂ ℓυcк!

  80. ryanjs1 says:

    help me the widgets are not working

  81. ryanjs1 says:

    Im having trouble where can u view ur widget

  82. daniel says:

    i love your site.

  83. penguinfrenzee101 says:

    Al, i really need your help,i don’t mean to keep complimenting but, i can’t get to my blog. what do i do????


  84. penguinfrenzee101 says:

    Hey al, when i log in it doesnt say at the top.
    Why? Please reply!!

  85. penguinfrenzee101 says:

    thanks soooooo much al! your a great help!


  86. club penguin says:

    i wanna make a club penguin website

  87. Bones17 says:

    wow i have webs but this is better. anyone wants to be in my movie?

  88. Klaz1102 says:

    Hey, thanks! But how do you make a clubpenguin theme with a picture of yur penguin in it? Please reply as soon as possible.

  89. Klaz1102 says:

    Hey, thanks! But, one question, how do you make your own theme? Like, club penguin theme? Please reply!


  90. Emily 96319 says:

    What in the world?

  91. shayla0723 says:

    ugh tht sounds too hard and im too lazy lol

  92. i meant how did u make your background red

  93. Whatss your template called?

  94. waleed says:

    fun money play and make frids bey things

  95. ??? says:

    Do you have to even pay money for all this???

  96. hugoig says:

    if u could help me ill give u my ushername and password on chat.and ill do privet ill talk to you later.At 6:30 if u cant make it it tottaly get come on here at 6:30.Night.{p.s help me} {byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee}

  97. hugoig says:

    al i need ur help with the thing that looks like a photoframe

  98. alansam6 says:

    I can’t put any widget codes in the “Text” widget! Help!

  99. flossabelle says:

    Can we publish it like yours is???

  100. koltenaspen says:

    Hi I made my website but when i go to appearance etc I want to have a background like your except with my penguin can you tell me how thx 🙂

  101. Ellen says:

    hey im just wondering here do u hav to pay money to hav a website cuz i think u do?

  102. bestiesss123 says:

    im not really happy with my cheats site but how did you do yours cause you did a great job on making this site also on the top where you get to click things how did you do that also how big does the banner have to be when your trieing to put 1 on top.

  103. HI ITS ME CPFANCLUBPENGUINROCK and i want to make a free blog bye

  104. Alexa2477 says:

    someone got into my and reset my password to something doesn’t reconize so it’s the end of my succesful blog ;(


  105. dunno099 says:

    i dont know why but i just cant make my site on here! its really frustating cz all the sites ive been on, theve all been on wordpress and they are really really really good! could someone please help?

  106. Ronald says:

    thank you now I know how to do stuff to my site by the way I am having a igloo party at 3:49 pm to 6:00 pm on March third!!

  107. Rhindle says:

    wat is ur website name????!!

  108. ben says:

    dident read any of that but u have struck me if i like it or not im reading that and when web gets more vewiers (highely doubt that) I WILL TELL PEPOLE EVEN WHEN YOUR DEAD TO VISIT YOUR SITE (because im 8) ILL BE TO DEAF TO HEAR ALL THE NICE THINGS THEY SAY(the nice pepole out there will right it down but if im blind ill let them scrape a knife down my arm if its long enough or if its to badly scared and the docter tell me not to ill get a tatoo instead) TO MY WEB AND BEOND

  109. ilovecpalot says:

    u said and post 2 times

  110. xpenguinx628 says:


  111. xpenguinx628 says:

    How do I put my banner into MY wordpress? because i made one at my file!

  112. xpenguinx628 says:

    I do I put my banner into my WordPress? TELL ME TELL ME!

  113. xpenguinx628 says:


  114. kittin8336 says:

    Do I have to download pictures of Club Penguin or do they just apear?

  115. kittin8336 says:

    My website is a blog! Do they all start like that? Or is it just me? I hope I can make it a website.

  116. kittin8336 says:

    Oh and thx alliejane11! I hope lots of people respond to you too! Ill even try.

  117. kittin8336 says:

    Hey sorry for my comments all close together I just wanted to know how to get a ClubPenguin theme for my website it is like the worst website EVER! P.S. IM NOT AN ADULT! I MAY TYPE LIKE ONE BUT IM NOT!

  118. kittin8336 says:

    How do I get a photo I know it shows me how but I still dont get it.

  119. Rockstar8398 says:

    oops i forgot how do u upload a picture because im still on my website its called Ilovecpalot but check it in wordpress its not on google or enternet

  120. ilovecpalot says:

    i made a webbie a new one! u should check it out but it only has one page but ill keep adding more

  121. kittin8336 says:

    Do I need a special kind of camra to take pictures of Club Penguin? Please somebody respond to my questions.

  122. kittin8336 says:

    Is “Start” a button?

  123. dsmfan1 says:

    Im confused. I dont know how to add a post…. Media or anything.

  124. shaste3 says:

    Thx for letting use no because i really wanted to no how to do it lol thx

  125. Ginger Pye 3 says:

    Thx for the help!!! Now i can take pictures of my penguin!

  126. Graysies says:

    don’t worry lol
    i no now


  127. Graysies says:

    how do u make the pin trackers????

  128. Hyundai 97 (club penguin name) says:

    awesome page al! you sure helped me out alot THANX!!!

  129. trixie15 says:

    What does PRTSC mean?

  130. cparmy99 says:

    thank you so much :):):):):):)

  131. Mimi40751 says:

    How did you get your playlist from cuz I can’t egt it onto my blog! Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Alexa2477 says:

    Al NONE of that stuff was at the side of my site. NONE OF IT. HOW do i change colors,put up a page and write in it??

  133. Karatekel says:

    Mimi40751- Get a backround theme 4 ur website that says under it CUSTOMIZABLE HEADER or something. go under apearance and click header

  134. Karatekel says:

    there is something ttly wrong wth my laptop!!!!!! it only saves it at jpg

  135. Mimi40751 says:

    Ummm. I have a question. How do you get like what you have as your custom header image because I’m having trouble doing that. And I REALLY want to do it but I don’t know how! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  136. Mimi40751 says:

    Thanks so much!!! Your the BEST alliejane11!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  137. harrypotterfansite01 says:

    Hi! I was wondering how you got a picture of your penguin with no background around the penguin? Cuz I would love to make that cool header for my blog but I don’t know how to get the pic of my penguin without any background surrounding the penguin. Please help me! 😀

    • alliejane11 says:

      sure, when you take the photo of your penguin get rid of your background (so its blue) and your pin.
      Then click PRTSC button on your keyboard (next to F12) then right click and paste onto a paint document. cut out club penguin, just keep your penguin player card.
      copy your player card photo and paste it onto a new paint document. Then save your picture as a JPEG document. NEXT…
      go onto and then upload your penguins photo. Then click the paint bucket on the left hand side.
      then upload a clipboard image. after that click fill pattern then click your clipboard. Next click behind your penguin.
      your penguin will have a diffrent background!

  138. harrypotterfansite01 says:

    Hey! You never answered my question :(.
    Please answer it. How do you add html onto a wordpress website?

    • alliejane11 says:

      idk how you just get them off the websites, its hard to explain just copy and paste the html codes in the page thingy.
      (You should ask someone else cause I dont have a clue! Lol!)
      ~Dazyy AKA Al Pizza Gal~

      • flab31590 says:

        Hey umm you should have a colour code page for ppl so if they don’t know what colours they can go to here and get the codes. And also I said this cuz I don’t have a clue what codes they are. I know where to put them, it’s just they never come up.

  139. Vanessa57757 says:

    i cant believe it! i got banned forever on my other penguin. lolz

  140. harrypotterfansite01 says:

    I was wondering how do you add html onto a WordPress website? Like that chat box that you have.


  141. harrypotterfansite01 says:

    Hey! What template did you use for your website? I really like it!
    Please share! 😀 😀 😀


  142. Lonses says:

    Hey is making a website free?

  143. catpen100 says:

    oh thank you SOOOO much!!!!! now I know FINALLY how to put widgets on!!!!!!! I OWE YOU!

  144. Karatekel says:

    OK!!!! IM completly confused everytime i try taking a pic. it dosent work i press prtsc then go to paint but it has nothing to paste im like going crazy ive been trying for a month to make it work ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    plz reply

  145. sparklegal180 says:

    i mean for how to make a website

  146. sparklegal180 says:

    huh?some of this is hard to understand

  147. roro556677andtinklybell1 says:

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exactly im stuck wit da same ting! no budy wil tel meh!

  148. Karatekel says:

    wat r the codes to change the colors on the side i found where to enter it but i cant find the codes for the colors anywhere tell me where to find them plz plz plz

  149. #1 TDI FAN Chucky911 says:

    I think im gonna make a webbie with my bff Meggie913
    But im scared it’s gonna turn out horrible like my other two webbies
    so i’m not sure but when I do I’ll call it True Penguin or maybe CP Maker idk?
    Hmmm I NEED NAMES!!!!
    Hey Al do you have any cool webbie names?
    Hmmm Maybe I could call it Total Penguin (it’s gonna have some total drama island stuff)
    Hmmm cuz alot of the good names are tooken like:
    Penguin Zone or Penguin Frenzee
    I want something like that, like with Penguin on the start or the end instead of just my Penguin name.
    Any suggestions Al?

  150. angelxoxo119 says:

    How do you get a ‘blogroll’?

    • alliejane11 says:

      Go to appearance, then go to widgets, then add the links widget. Then when you saved it. Click links on the left hand side of your computer. Then click Add new, then click when you have put in a website adress make sure youve ticked the blogroll box thingy.
      ~Dazy AKA Al Pizza Gal~

  151. vanessa57757 says:

    hi ya’s ppls!!! morning time in Ireland!!! i so want a picture of my penguin showing!!!!!


  152. cpmenu says:

    lol u took a pic of paint and uploaded it on paint.loool


  153. prinplup3891 says:

    U NEED TO UPLOAD??? aww man <:( I'm gonna cry!!!!!

  154. Ronaldo14026 says:

    Hi Pepz! I have just gotten band from club penguin for 72hours for reason….. Somone must have reported me….. Oh ill get them!!!!

  155. Vanessa57757 says:

    Hi Peps! I have a massive secret i have to tell ya’s! If you want best igloo’s and best clothz and stuff etc…. well i found out that there is a club penguin money maker!!! you can get as much coinz as you want ( on club penguin ) you can get 1 coin to 8000 coinz!! im nearly the richest penguin on club penguin and have all the latest stuff!…. So cmon ppls!! Try it today!!!!!


  156. roro556677andtinklybell1 says:

    can ya plz reply!!

  157. penguinzone5 says:

    omg its still there YAY

  158. penguinzone5 says:

    hiiiiii! I MADE MY WEBBIE!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda stinks right now but ill make it better!!!!!!!!! hey al wat theme do u use cause im making my webbie just like urs since its soooooooo amazing. 🙂

  159. roro556677andtinklybell1 says:

    i got one up dunno how lolzzz!

  160. roro556677andtinklybell1 says:

    heyy ya al, mmm did u see my web? if u did sorry its a mess rite now how de ya get pics up wen i press copy and den it wont lemme paste aghhh its anoyin!

  161. Karatekel says:

    OMG! guess wat im gonna make a webbie with my best friend!!!!! im either making it tonight or tomorrow. ill post it here as soon as its done.

  162. Karatekel says:

    i dont have a webbie but when i tried to take a pic it didnt work! i was on cp with my friend and tried pressing prt sc then i did tried putting it on paint but it didnt work! do u need to download something????????

  163. #1 TDI FAN Chucky911 says:

    i remember my other question it is do u have to be like a computer expert to make a website on wordpress???????????????????????????????????????????? cuz i made too the first one was on ewebsite and it got messed up so i had to delete it then i made a website on wordpress and tht one also got messed up so i deleted it and now im thinking about making another website should i???

  164. #1 TDI FAN Chucky911 says:

    Umm Al? I have a question about Hypercam (even though i had it for a long time) how do u take a picture with hypercam???

  165. cpmenu says:

    umm when u take a pic and u put it in a box, do u just right click it?
    cuz i box the stuff i dont want then take it off the screen. but still can u explain it for me?


    • alliejane11 says:

      Well if you mean paint, then all i do to copy the pciture is right click then click copy. then i minimise the paint i had on before and load another paint and paste it on that one.. if thats what u mean???
      ~Dazy AKA Al Pizza Gal~

    • imogen says:

      really ive been wondering how to do that thanks alliejane11

  166. cpmenu says:

    i think it has to be a couple of days old cuz when i made one, it didnt show on google but now it does
    hope this helps


  167. cpmenu says:

    where did u download hypercam2?and does it cost money?


    • #1 TDI FAN Chucky911 says:

      I have hypercam and i think i did pay for it but probaly not cuz u have to pay for the unregistered hypercam 2 sign to go away.

      • alliejane11 says:

        Or not… i have a code hereeee: PD:{HyperCam 2}
        LO:{Trento Castricone}
        048 098 002 001 003 128 020 088
        020 218 217 142 101 237 160 167
        138 156 046 095 153 097 206 124
        115 001 129 048 009 006 005 043
        014 003 002 026 005 000 048 011
        006 007 042 134 072 206 056 004
        001 005 000 004 047 048 045 002
        021 000 153 051 134 092 118 170
        206 084 238 198 104 151 250 220
        177 054 124 224 130 120 002 020
        076 011 125 220 100 055 144 136
        223 124 210 093 005 200 148 105
        159 241 027 199

        Copy and paste that into the licence part.

        ~Dazyyy AKA Al Pizza Gal~

    • Angelxoxo119 says:

      What you do is go to to google and search Hypercam downloads and there’ll be like millions of downloads you can do. It costs like $40 though.

      • alliejane11 says:

        Mine didnt…Mine was for free!!!
        (rejestered version without the unrejestered hypercam thingy)

      • alliejane11 says:

        Or get it free without the sign using thissss code!
        Put it in the licenece bit..

        PD:{HyperCam 2}
        LO:{Trento Castricone}
        048 098 002 001 003 128 020 088
        020 218 217 142 101 237 160 167
        138 156 046 095 153 097 206 124
        115 001 129 048 009 006 005 043
        014 003 002 026 005 000 048 011
        006 007 042 134 072 206 056 004
        001 005 000 004 047 048 045 002
        021 000 153 051 134 092 118 170
        206 084 238 198 104 151 250 220
        177 054 124 224 130 120 002 020
        076 011 125 220 100 055 144 136
        223 124 210 093 005 200 148 105
        159 241 027 199

      • maddysam1 says:

        no mine is free

    • roro556677andtinklybell1 says:

      no cost no munny

  168. roro556677andtinklybell1 says:

    huh how do u publish your wordpress blog to the web

  169. roro556677andtinklybell1 says:

    kk thx al
    ro ro 556677

  170. cpmenu says:

    umm how do u make a costom header?0


    • alliejane11 says:

      Idk how to explain it. Just do the same thing as for pictures but when you cut pictures and stuff make sure u do it long. Then upload for ur conputer by appearence custom header etc, then just follow the steps. really just do the dame as pictures.
      If you want a header and didnt get what i typed then ill make u one. XD
      ~Dazy AKA Al Pizza Gal~

  171. roro556677andtinklybell1 says:

    heyy ya al, i made a woredpress web and how did u get ur pic of u and lila on top cuz i have a weird pic on top how do u get that pic of???
    plz reply
    ~ro ro 556677~

  172. Elizabeth says:

    hey Al do u know’s email adress? this new email adress i have is moniterd so i need to know their adress to get in.

  173. Elizabeth says:


  174. mledunkel says:

    al when i tried to take a screen shot i did not get your instructins do we need something set up for it and everything?
    I got really confused!

  175. #1 TDI FAN taMmY says:

    kewl i was thinking about making a site for like a month or two but i was to lazy to and theres more ways to make websites but this one is probaly the easiest

  176. ro ro 556677 says:

    thx is it free to make but not free to publish?

  177. Elizabeth says:

    omg!!!!!!!! that helped so much ALL!!!! omg thnx soo much!! i was wondering how to get pictures but now i know thnx so much!

  178. Lucylocket112 says:

    or another way is going onto Its easier

  179. tempest boy2 says:

    thx u so much

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