aw this is ment…

aw this is mental, havent be on in like years. hahah!
just wanted to say i still love you all, never forget any of you!
lots of love,
Al Pizza Gal:) x x x x x

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I ish Mary.
I ish hacked Al Pizza Gal.
I ish taking over the world.
I ish going.

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Long time no speak people!

heey so its currently the holidays and realised me and cutie gal havent updated in ages so quick question has anyone got any ideas or suggestions for our website??
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Hey There My Cookie Lovers!<3

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while… I found myself questioning myself about why I play club penguin. I feel I’m a bit too old. xD

But for you all, I’ll try harder to update more often. I might not visit a lot but I’ll try my hardest to be on at least once every 3 days.

Thank you for viewing and supporting and I hope you all enjoy the rest of you’re life! (Lol, Whatt? Death speech?! )

Your Friend,

Chelseyy! (Woot, my name is revealed) ❤

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Al Pizza Gal Baby!

Hey guys!
It’s me.
Dropped from heaven. JK. LOL-EDGE.
So I decided to take a drop in 🙂
Wink your doing a great job, me and Lila LOVE you 😀
I just wanna say thanks to Wink, and thanks to everyone who keeps viewing.
I know. im a loser. I havent updated in. WELL. YEARS!
So. Im now a changed person. Anyway. Im gonna just update a couple of my pages cuz well. They suck. Eggs.
Okay sexy beasts. Love you foreverss x
– Al Pizza Gal.
Cuz’ your amazing’ just the way you are’ (:

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Ice Rink Party!!

PARTY IS RESCHEDULED TO DECEMBER 22ND (for Americans  and Canadians) AND 23RD (for English people) SAME SERVER

The ice rink is back!!! YAY! Lets celebrate! New party ppl!

When? Americans: 12:00 AM|English: 5:00 PM| Canadians: 1:00 PM

Uhhh, tomorrow. Dec. 21 for me.

Where? Ice Rink of course! (Location may change during the party)

What server? Kosciuszko (I chose randomly)

What do I do when I get there? When you get there and see me, say “Purple Unicorns” so I know you’re from my website!

Then what? After about 15 minutes we will leave the ice rink and party! (Or whenever everyone arrives and is bored of  ice, lol)



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HEY PPLZ! Guess what? The chat is back! FTW! Please come to the chat page and start chatting now. ❤

~Love, Chelsey AKA Wink

HEY!! LOOKY: No really, go now and you can talk to me, I’m on 24/7!

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